Rifts WB 3: England 55
Metatype A (1) B (0)
Karma 16
Medium Humanoid [Shapechanger]

Fighting: 1/6
Body: 2/7
Agility: 2/7
Reaction: 2/7
Strength: 3/9
Charisma: 1/5
Intuition: 2/7
Logic: 1/6
Willpower: 2/7
Magic: 0/6
Psi: 0/6
Luck: 1d6
Essence: 1d6

Movement: 9
Attacks: Varies by insect form
Climbing 3
Swimming 3

Alternate Form (Insect): Each Dabuggh can assume the form of one Medium or larger Vermin (i.e., one Dabuggh can assume the form of a giant scorpion, another a monstrous spider, etc.). The Dabuggh retains its Mental Attributes, Fighting, and abilities, but takes on the Physical Attributes and abilities of the vermin form. Roll a Willpower test; the transformation takes (20 – Hits) rounds.
Insect Traits: Even in human form, a Dabuggh has at least 1, and as many as 5, insect traits. These are treated as Qualities that must be paid for normally. Dabuggh Qualities can be found in World Book Conversions 1.
Super Sense (Scent)
Super Sense (Thermographic)

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