Rifts WB 4: Africa 67
Metatype A (0)
Psi B
Karma -26
Large (long) Animal [Aquatic, Magical Beast, Reptilian, Psionic, Supernatural]

Fighting: 1/6
Body: 5/12
Agility: 3/9
Reaction: 3/9
Strength: 6/15
Charisma: 1/6
Intuition: 1/6
Logic: 1/5
Willpower: 1/6
Magic: 0/6
Psi: 4/6
Luck: 1d6
Essence: 1d6

Movement: 12; Swim 24
Armor: 4H
Bite (Str/2)+3P
Rifts (Str)+6P
Tail (Str/2)+2S
Rifts (Str)+5S

Climbing 3
Swimming 5
Unarmed Combat 3

Dehydration: These critters can survive out of water with no ill effect for Body x1 hour. After that, they begin to take 1 point of Body and Reaction damage as well as a -1 dice pool penalty to tests per day out of water. It takes 3 hours, +1 hour per day out of water of being submerged to eliminate these penalties.
Fast Healing
Psionics: These critters are Priority B psychics.
Reptile Empathy: [Mind-Affecting, Psionic] This is identical to the Animal Empathy ability of Psi-Stalkers, except it only applies with critters with the Reptilian subtype.
Resistance (Cold): Body
Resistance (Disease): Body
Resistance (Fire): Body
Resistance (Poison): Body
Super Sense (Low-light)
Super Sense (Scent)
Super Sense (Thermographic)
Sustained Breath: These critters can hold their breath for Body x3 minutes before making any tests.


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