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Before the War, Before the Dark Times is a North American-centered Rifts campaign, circa 103 PA.

Initially, character creation options will be limited to some of the North American-centered books. This will be a sandbox style game, set within a timeline of events that will occur unless stopped, either by the PCs or other forces.

Play will begin with the initial characters already knowing each other and grouped together. When we begin, you will start in the Pacific Northwest, near/in the ruins of SeaTac, living your (for now) simple lives in Aurora Village, before moving on to less simple arrangements.


Pre-Rifts Timeline 1999-2010
Pre-Rifts Timeline 2011-2020
Pre-Rifts Timeline 2021-2030
Pre-Rifts Timeline 2031-2040
Pre-Rifts Timeline 2041-2060
Pre-Rifts Timeline 2061-2097
Post-Rifts Timeline 2098-2287

Before the War, Before the Dark Times

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