Pre-Rifts Timeline 2061-2097

2061 (June 20): At dawn, Stonehenge restores itself to its original condition.
→ September 5: At 4:00 pm EST, Dunkelzahn’s Rift begins to pulse. Halley’s Comet becomes visible to the naked eye. A half-mile area of The Mists around Wuxing’s Skytower on Aberdeen Island, Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, becomes visible to normal senses.
→ September 6: The first case of Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression (SURGE) is reported in the media
→ September 15: 3:00 pm EST, Dunkelzahn’s Rift begins to pulse again and three unknown spirits are observed escaping the rift.
→ October 31: More spirit activity is observed around Dunkelzahn’s Rift, coinciding with Halloween festivities. At 12:22 am, November 1, a wujen delivers a warning to the Rift security force from his ancestor spirits: the “dead” are returning.
→ November 10: The Auvergne volcanoes in France erupt in The Mists. Thirteen individuals die from damage to their astral forms as magma floods the astral space, but there is no effect on the material plane.
→ December 2: An 8.5 earthquake hit Los Angeles
→ December 24: A massive draconic astral form tears itself from Dunkelzahn’s Rift, dragging countless spirits with it into the material world.
→ December 25: The UCAS Department of Health and Metahuman Services establishes definitive proof of the existence of shedim. The astral dragon that exited Dunkelzahn’s Rift is seen in Denver, having regained its physical body. It destroys the Aztlan teocalli and damages the Aztechnology Building. It briefly engages the CAS border security before breaking off.

2062 (Jan 27): The Council of Denver meets with Ghostwalker, giving him control of the city. The Aztlan sector is given to the CAS and Aztlan personnel are ordered to leave it the city.
→ March: Halley’s Comet becomes visible to the naked eye
→ March to April: Ares lands a probe on the second pass of Halley’s Comet, which sends back telemetry
→ April 1: Halley’s Comet disappears from view. All known natural orichalcum deposits run dry, and no new deposits are located. Reports of new SURGE cases decrease to a trickle.

2064 (Nov 2): Matrix Crash 2.0

2073 (Jan 18): The Great Dragon Sirrurg lays waste to the Aztlan city of Cali. He and his entourage rampage for three hours, slaughtering five thousand soldiers at the local military base. The attack ends at 12:58 PM when he casts a magical spell over Cali’s business district, killing nearly ten thousand civilians with magically-induced genetic and physical defects. Amazonian forces move in before Aztlan can do so and occupy the city
→ July 18: The Great Dragon Ghostwalker performs a ritual that closes Dunkelzahn’s Rift in Washington, FDC. Over six hundred civilians are killed, nearly two thousand more injured, and almost three hundred fifty are missing, believed pulled into the rift (SINless victims are not included in the official body count).

2074 (Oct 3): Aztechnology forces engage the Great Dragon Sirrug 30 miles north of Acapulco; Sirrurg attempts a magical ritual to end the battle. The ritual releases a half-kilometer-wide energy discharge that blinds everyone looking directly at it and then collapses, killing everyone caught inside. Sirrurg falls to the ground but before Aztlan forces can approach him, a storm rises, briefly obscuring the site before blowing out and revealing that Sirrurg’s body has vanished.
→ November 2-3: Magical energy accumulates around Mount Shasta; The magical accumulation around Mount Shasta is released at 0139 hours. At the same time, a massive explosion occurs at Alamais’s compound in GeMiTo. Two lesser dragons are killed while Alamais and two others are wounded. Four hours later, Alamais responds by wreaking havoc within GeMiTo, killing almost three thousand metahumans in five hours.
→ November 5-6: Lofwyr attacks Alamais’s GeMiTo compound with overwhelming force that consists of over a thousand metahuman mercenaries and shadowrunners, armored fighting vehicles, air support, twenty adult dragons, and the Great Dragons Lung and Arleesh. Metahuman shadowrunners score the killing blow on Alamais at approximately 1006 on November 6.
→ November 8: The Great Dragons leave their lairs for a formal assembly. The Assembly sentences Sirrurg to imprisonment
→ December 20: The Great Dragon Assembly moves that Hestaby be stripped of her hoard and lair and to be ostracized from their culture.
→ December 22-24: Forces hired by the Great Dragons march into Mount Shasta to repossess Hestaby’s holdings. The Shasta Shamans are almost wiped out, the Shasta Lodge is destroyed, two hundred Northern Crescent gypsies are killed, and nearly twenty thousand hectares of forest is destroyed. The Great Dragons’ forces take three days to catalog and transport Hestaby’s hoard.

2076 (May 23): The Ares space elevator is completed

Post-Rifts Timeline 2098-2287

Pre-Rifts Timeline 2061-2097

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