Pre-Rifts Timeline 2041-2060

2043 (Feb 1): The Universal Brotherhood opens its first chapters in San Francisco, Ukiah, and Gilroy, California.

2055 (Aug 23): An Ares Firewatch team assaults the Universal Brotherhood chapterhouse in Chicago, resulting in open warfare on the streets. Under the cover of a VITAS outbreak, the UCAS govt. demolishes buildings around the downtown core, trapping more than 100,000 civilians, creating the “Chicago Containment Zone”
→ October 1: An unidentified group detonates a sub-tactical nuclear weapon under the Chicago Containment Zone

2056 (June 22): The UCAS Congress formally recognizes the great dragon Dunkelzahn as a legal citizen. A famous “handshake” between Dunkelzahn and UCAS President Thomas Steele sends the Technocrat ticket to the top of the polls.

2057 (March 15): Dunkelzahn announces his intention to run for President on a historic broadcast of Wyrm Talk!
→ April 7: Dunkelzahn and Kyle Haeffner win the UCAS Presidential Election.
-> April 9: Dunkelzahn is sworn into the office of President of the UCAS, hours before dying in the explosion of his limousine in Washington FDC, UCAS. An astral rift appears soon after on the site. Riots start in all the UCAS cities.
→ August 15: The reading of Dunkelzahn’s Will by Nadja Daviar at the Watergate Hotel in Washington FDC, UCAS, establishes the Draco Foundation, among many other things.

2058 (December 19): The Renraku Arcology in Seattle, UCAS, is sealed automatically by security systems, trapping more than 100,000 people inside. Local, federal and corporate authorities deploy troops and declare the arcology off-limits to non-military personnel.

2060 (Jan 3): UCAS military forces erect a quarantine zone around the Renraku Arcology
→ October 3: An island erupts from the Pacific Ocean roughly three hundred kilometers off the coast of Petrolia, California Free State, exactly as predicted in Dunkelzahn’s Will. Federated Boeing investigates the island but appears to abandon its interest

Pre-Rifts Timeline 2061-2097

Pre-Rifts Timeline 2041-2060

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