Pre-Rifts Timeline 2031-2040

2031 (Jan 17): Russia invades Poland and Finland, starting The First Euro War
→ April 17: A new constitution is submitted to the Provisional Congress for approval. Two thirds of the US and Canadian states ratify it over the next six months. US President Andrew McAlister becomes provisional President of the United Canadian and American States, Canadian Prime Minister Harold Frazier becomes provisional Vice President of the UCAS.

2032 (March 1): Senators from Alabama and Georgia lead a walk out of southern bloc legislators. Atlanta hosts representatives from fourteen states to discuss secession from the UCAS.
→ November 2: The Human-Metahuman Vampiric Virus (HMHVV) is isolated

2033 (Jan 24): Russia and the European Alliance announce a cease-fire, ending the First Euro War

2034 (Aug 28): Hualpa, Sirrurg, and an unidentified third great dragon lead a force of Awakened and metahumans to seize Manaus in the Amazon Basin. The force begins to seize more territory, spreading outward from the Basin.
→ November 2: Hualpa announces the foundation of Amazonia
→ November 10: The Confederation of American States (CAS) secedes from the UCAS
→ December 19: Representatives from the UCAS and CAS sign the Treaty of Richmond, confirming the UCAS’s recognition of the CAS as a sovereign nation (capital in Atlanta).

2035 (May 1): At 12:00 PM GMT, a broadcast originating from Portland overrides all terrestrial signals. Lugh Surehand declares the independence of Tír Tairngire from the Native American Nations with himself as High Prince. Tír Tairngire repulses six military responses to its declaration. California is the only state to initially recognize the independent state
→ May 17: Aztlan invades Texas, capturing the cities of Austin and San Antonio. The capital of Texas is moved to Dallas-Fort Worth.

2036 (March 23): California secedes from the UCAS. Aztlan invades southern California, taking the city of San Diego after UCAS President Andrew McAlister orders the Pacific Fleet to abandon the harbor. Tír Tairngire invades northern California, going as far as Redding. Governor Treacle appeals to Japan for aid. Japan recognizes California’s sovereignty and promises economic and military aid.

2039 (Feb 7): The Night of Rage: Disenfranchised metahumans around the world take to the streets in protest of their discrimination. Some protests turn violent.
The Seattle Metroplex Guard rounds up city metahumans and confines them in Tacoma’s waterfront. Anti-metahumans set fire to the detention centers, sparking riots that cause hundreds of deaths.
→ February 8: The events in Seattle spark racial violence worldwide. In New York, 836 die. In Australia, initial racial violence by people of Asian origin prompts wider violence against people of Asian origin. In Berlin, anarchists attack authorities. In Czechia, Muslims are targeted. In Poland, the National Republic of Poland is established under martial law with Russian support to quell the troubles.
→ February 10: Members of Alamos 20,000, using a combination of magic and explosives, destroy the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois, UCAS. The death toll reaches 26,000
→ March: Anarchists establish the Free State of Berlin
→ March 17: Bloody Thursday in Boston, UCAS. The Knights of the Red Branch Irish terrorist organization plant a bomb in an elven restaurant, killing 24. The St. Patrick’s Day parade degenerates into a race riot, killing or injuring hundreds

2040 (Sept 10): Construction begins on the Renraku Arcology in Seattle

Pre-Rifts Timeline 2041-2060

Pre-Rifts Timeline 2031-2040

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