Pre-Rifts Timeline 1999-2010

1999 (Oct 26): United States v. Seretech grants corporations the right to maintain private armies.

2001 (Feb 14): Shiawase Corporation v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission decision allows for corporate extraterritoriality, marking Shiawase as the first Megacorporation

2002 (Jan 21): US govt. begins to seize Native American reservations under Eminent Domain for sale to corporations
→ April 5: The Sovereign American Indian Movement (SAIM) is founded
→ July: Ares Industries gains extraterritorial status

2003 (July 8): US govt. dissolves Washington D.C.

2004 (Sept 10): The 10-Minute War (Libya attacks Israel, Israel retaliates with tactical nuclear strikes, eliminates Libya)

2005 (Aug 12): 5.8 earthquake strikes Manhattan, devastating the city, the U.N. moves provisional HQ to Geneva, Switzerland
→ September 2: The Second Korean War begins
→ September 19: East Coast Stock Exchange moves to Boston

2006 (Nov 17): North Korea launches a failed nuclear strike against Japan, Japan begins process of becoming the Japanese Imperial State

2007 (Aug 14): Three major Mexican drug cartels buy out a company, rebrands as ORO Corporation

2009 (March 4): The Cattenom nuclear power plant in France suffers total failure of both primary and secondary cooling systems (3:58 a.m.), followed by core meltdown (9:31 p.m.), core breach (10:05 p.m.) and eventually the explosion of power plant block 2 (10:08 p.m.). Official reports state that 37,241 people were killed immediately; the death toll will reach 135,728 by 2045. The contaminated areas are later declared the Saar-Lorraine-Luxembourg Special Administrative Zone (SOX)
→ April 29: German govt. dissolved in a military coup
→ September 18: The Lone Eagle Incident: A SAIM commando force takes control of the Shiloh Launch Facility in northwest Montana. The raiders issue an ultimatum: return all the stolen land or they launch the Lone Eagle ICBMs.
→ September 28: After a ten-day standoff, US Armed Forces retake the Shiloh Launch Facility, but not before SAIM launches a Lone Eagle toward Russia. Although the US President warns his Russian counterpart, the missile disappears over the Arctic Circle.
→ October 19: In response to the Lone Eagle Incident, the Re-education and Relocation Act is passed in the United States, ordering all Natives with the remotest connection to SAIM to detention centers. In Canada, the Nepean Act is passed, legitimizing internment camps for First Nations while dismantling the Inuit territory of Nunavut

2010 (Jan 20): US govt. seizes all Native American lands
→ February 10: A new virus is discovered in India; symptoms of infection include severe allergic reactions that eventually kill by asphyxiation. The disease is called Kali’s Harvest in India; the rest of the world will come to know it as Virally-Induced Toxic Allergy Syndrome (VITAS). 450 million people worldwide die from VITAS
→ October 28: 10.5 million (of the 14 million total) inhabitants dead as a result of VITAS
→ October 31: Quebec secedes from Canada

Pre-Rifts Timeline 2011-2020

Pre-Rifts Timeline 1999-2010

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