Post-Rifts Timeline 2098-2287

2098 (Dec 24): The Great Cataclysm begins
Atlantis reappears in the Atlantic Ocean
Manoa rifted back to Rifts Earth in South America

2099: Kingdom of Maga formed

2108: Deus goes into stand-by mode.

2118: The Republic of Columbia forms.

2161: Cibola rifted to Earth in South America

2165: Mindwerks aligns with Brodkil Empire

2194: The Great Cataclysm ends

2198: The Splugorth invade and take Atlantis.
→ The_ New German Republic_ forms

2228: Vampire Wars of Columbia begin
The Night of Blood in the Republic of Columbia

2286: Post Apocalyptic Dark Ages end
Celtic Gods and Fomorians reappear in Scotland
La Fortaleza, Columbia built

2287: The Post-Apocalyptic Calendar begins (1 P.A.)

Post-Rifts Timeline 2098-2287

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