Rifts WB 3: England 58
Metatype A (0)
Karma -2
Medium Humanoid [Psionic, Reptilian]

Fighting: 1/6
Body: 3/8
Agility: 2/7
Reaction: 2/7
Strength: 2/7
Charisma: 3/8
Intuition: 2/7
Logic: 2/7
Willpower: 3/8
Magic: 0/6
Psi: 1/6
Luck: 1d6
Essence: 1d6

Movement: 7
Armor: 2

Climbing 3
Swimming 3

Ambidextrous: The critter has the Ambidextrous Positive Quality.
Control Gigantes: [Mind-Affecting, Psi] Cernun can telepathically communicate with and control Gigantes as if using Animal Control (no possession).
Double Jointed: The critter has the Double Jointed Positive Quality.
Fast Healing
Regeneration (Limbs): This critter can regrow lost limbs and digits. Fingers, toes, and horns regenerate in 48 hours. Hands and feet regenerate in 72 hours. An arm takes 5 days, while a leg or the tail takes 9 days.
Super Sense (Thermographic)
Sustained Breath: Body x1 minute.

(A Cernun is depicted on the cover of Rifts World Book 3: England)


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