Rifts WB 1: Vampire Kingdoms 147 (“Benito the Bruutasaur”)
Metatype A (0)
Karma 0
Large Animal [Magical Beast, Psionic, Reptilian]

Fighting: 2/7
Body: 5/12
Agility: 3/9
Reaction: 3/9
Strength: 5/12
Charisma: 1/3
Intuition: 1/4
Logic: 1/3
Willpower: 3/9
Magic: 0/6
Psi: 1/6
Luck: 1/1
Essence: 1/3

Movement: 12
Armor: 4
Bite (Str/2)+2P
Claw (Str/2)+3P
Tail (Str/2)+2P

Running 2
Survival 2
Unarmed Combat 2

Fast Healing
Leaper: Bruutasaurs can long jump twice as far as normal.
Super Sense (Scent)
Weakness (Cold): In temperatures under 40oF, these being suffer a -1 dice pool penalty to all skill tests. This increases to -2 at 0oF or less. This is in addition to any other penalties and effects.

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