Aurora Village

Aurora Village is a small, primarily human tribal community approximately 12 miles North of The Arc, and 42 miles to the Southwest of the Earthwall Giant community.

The community survives primarily through fishing (it’s only 2 miles to the coast), with some small-scale farming and hunting. While not particularly xenophobic, the community has few ties with any other communities, save that of North Creek Village (occasional marriage, even less occasional warfare).

The tribals avoid the area around The Arc. The only real conflicts are with the Razor Tooth Fish Men that occasionally come ashore to raid the village for women.

Total Pop: 164
Male Children (12): 6
Female Children (12): 9
Male (13-40): 43
Female (13-40): 53
Male (41-70): 19
Female (41-70): 26
Male (71+): 3
Female (71+): 5

Human: 104
Elf: 36
Dwarf: 20
Ork: 3
Troll: 1

Notable Individuals

Aurora Village

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